Septic Tank versus Aqua Nova

A septic tank is a primary treatment system for waste water that is usually discharged underground to naturally transpire, potentially allowing nutrient-rich water to re-enter soil and pollute waterways. Septic tanks can also be vulnerable to poor soil conditions and high water tables. The Aqua Nova system is different from standard septic tanks because it uses aeration to treat waste water to a secondary level or better, reducing nutrients in effluent so it can be safely irrigated back into soil through gardens and lawns, reducing damage to the environment and fragile waterways. It’s also an economically beneficial alternative, saving you on water bills. If you have a block of land that is not connected to sewage provided by local council, and you want to manage and recycle the waste that you produce through toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry, the most environmental, efficient and economical way, is through an advanced wastewater management system such as Aqua Nova.