Domestic Wastewater

Required for properties that do not have access to main sewer lines, domestic wastewater treatment systems vary greatly in efficiency and quality of water output. Aqua Nova uses processes and technologies similar to that of municipal sewage treatment plants, making it one of the safest, most reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly systems on the market.

Aqua Nova is different from standard septic tanks because it uses aeration to treat waste water more thoroughly, reducing nutrients in effluent so it can be safely irrigated back into soil through gardens and lawns, reducing damage to the environment and fragile waterways.

AQ is a two tank system that prevents cross contamination, minimising the need for unnecessary pump outs. It is an environmentally friendly solution for land owners who want to channel safe recycled water back onto their property. It is helping New Zealand to reduce sewerage entering natural waterways.

With many benefits including a non-obtrusive design, easy maintenance, odourless and low cost operation, the system is suitable for domestic as well as commercial wastewater treatment. It is OSET accredited, compliant with the stringent AU/NZ standards, and fully guaranteed by the manufacturer.